Payout Rates

Average CPM List

Package Description / Country Earnings per 1000 Views
Desktop Mobile / Tablet
United Kingdom $4.000000 $4.000000
United States $4.000000 $4.000000
India $3.000000 $3.000000
Indonesia $2.800000 $2.800000
Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $2.500000 $2.500000
Pakistan $2.000000 $2.000000
Vietnam $1.600000 $1.800000
Thailand $1.600000 $1.800000
Egypt $1.800000 $1.800000
Turkey $1.500000 $1.500000

To see your average CPM you need to test our system for few days

CPM depends on the.......

Our optimization algorithm takes some time to analyze your traffic and assign the most profitable ads for your website’s audience.
After several days pass, your CPM rates can significantly increase.

so dont compalin about CPM Rates.

We count your click when timer reach to zero, visitor not even need to click on get link.

 popad opens with a certain frequency to a unique user, so when click on second time they didnot get popad

In case of traffic is not performing well for certain advertisers they can block your traffics thus your rates might go down in case other advertisers do no buy it.